Our goal is to provide the highest quality of gymnastics to the competitive scene. Each child's overall wellness and safety is our utmost priority. Our coaches strive to produce nothing less than safe, prepared and confident gymnasts.​ Proper ability, level placement, technique and skill progression will not be compromised. 

 Team members train anywhere between 6 - 24 hours per week and compete through out the mid-atlantic region while occasionally traveling across the country. All team members compete within the USA Gymnastics Junior Olympic Program and the program is by coaches invitation only. 

Trust the Process


For girls ages 3 - 5 who are preceding our pre-team and is instructor

recommended only.

 Selection based off of age, natural ability, behavior and focus. Practice is required all year long, Summer included.


For girls ages 5 - 7 who are preceding our competitive team and is instructor recommended only.


 Selection based off of age, strength, flexibility and skill ability. Practice is required all year long, Summer included. 


Main Line Gymnastics offers compulsory levels 2 - 5. This is where gymnasts first experience competition.  These levels are where gymnasts must not only learn but master the necessary core root skills in order to become a successful competitive gymnast. Practice required all year round. Average age is 6 to 10.


 Optional levels include Level 6 - 10. These levels involve high commitment, dedication, and work ethic. This being said, training is well programmed, creative and can be fun at the same time. Practice required all year round.

Average age is 10 to 17.

Team placement based upon appropriate age, mastery of skill, strength and flexibility all at the discretion of our owners. If you are currently registered in our class program, you must receive an invitation to developmental, pre-team or team. 


We do not host try outs but are constantly evaluating our students during their weekly class.



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