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The Team Process

From Start to Finish


Instructor Recommended

Preparing students for the competitive team!

Recommendation based off of strength, flexibility, natural ability and love for the sport.

Ages 5-7



Level Two - Five

Compulsory levels are where gymnasts first experience competition! Programmed to help gymnasts master the necessary core root skills. 


Level Six - Ten

Optional levels require great commitment, dedication, and a strong work ethic. This being said, training is well programmed, creative and fun at the same time!


If you are currently registered in our class program, you must receive an instructor recommendation to join our developmental group or pre-team. Placement is based upon age, skill, strength and flexibility all at the discretion of our coaches. We do not host try outs but are constantly evaluating students during their weekly class!

If you have previous competitive gymnastics experience, click here for our team trial process.


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