MLG Team Trial Process


Each child's overall wellness and safety is our utmost priority.

Our goal is to provide the highest quality of gymnastics to the competitive scene.

To ensure that proper ability, attention, technique and skill progression are never compromised we keep our numbers small and can not accept everyone.


Team Trial Process

If you have prior J.O competitive gymnastics experience

and are interested in trying out for the MLG Competitive Team,

please first submit the following via email

Only after the following has been submitted, a head coach will contact you

to address whether your daughter may or may not fit into our current program.

An in-person try out may be scheduled next at this time.

All try-outs must take place May - June.

Basic Information

Child's Full Name, Age and Birthday

Level Competed in the 2019 - 2020 Season 

Current Team/Gym Name

Video (s) Submission

Flexibility: Right, Left, Middle Split, Bridge, Pike

Strength: Press Handstand, Rope Climb, Leg Lifts, Cast Handstand

Current Skills and/or Routines (Practice and/or Recent Competition)


Gymnasts should possess a strong work ethic, commitmentlove and desire to progress in the sport along with a positive attitude amongst fellow coaches and teammates!